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Vindles, LLC
Where the wax flows like wine.

Vindles was founded in 2012, and just like a bottle of wine, Vindles is getting better with age. Vindles started out as an innovative idea to reinvent the standard candle. We set out to find a way to repurpose a wine bottle into a product that was not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing and unlike anything on the market. After some initial trial and error we finally discovered an innovative way to utilize the entire bottle in our process.

Crafted to resemble an unaltered wine bottle, our product provides you with the same sense of anticipation and curiosity that you get from opening a new bottle of wine. However, once opened you begin to discover all the unique and unexpected aspects of our product. From the beginning we wanted our product to be more than just a candle; we wanted it to be a focal point in any room. A Vindle is meant to spark conversations amongst family and friends, like a good bottle of wine.

Our distinctive product is the perfect combination of artistry and engineering. We take pride in carefully handcrafting each one in house, using all-natural soy wax and the finest ingredients available to ensure that your candle is of the highest quality. As a local company we take great satisfaction in knowing that every aspect of our product is made right here in America.

Stay tuned for more innovative and creative products from Vindles - and don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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